“Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID technology is becoming more and more a part of everyday life”.It may be in the form of a hotel door entry card or a motorway toll pass, proving that RFID has been around for quite a while now. Now the big question-how do RFIDs fit into events?

You might have come across RFIDs at music festivals where all the fans and enthusiasts wear wireless technology as wristbands. Event planning and management companies suggest that they are easy to handle, look sophisticated and cover a wide range of functions that would otherwise require tedious paperwork and money. Well, the good news is RFIDs are no longer limited to music events!

Although RFIDs have now found their way into conferences, product launches, trade shows etc. many companies and organizations are still uncertain about its effectiveness  To clear things out for you, let’s talk about the benefits of RFID at conferences and corporate events.

The benefits-

  1. Making a quick entry
    One of the biggest advantages of using RFID at your event is easy entry management. Your guests needn’t queue up and dig their bags and pockets for tickets or entry passes. Besides, there is no difficulty faced in processing. A simple wave of the bracelet in front of the sensor and your guests are good to go. It is said that this technology is capable of 120 scans per minute. So you know, no guest list is too big with RFIDs.
  2. Going Cashless
    Your guests will thank you for this.
    One of the biggest concerns an event attendee deals with is theft or loss of personal belongings (the wallet, to be more specific). You want them to actively participate in your conference or meeting while they have security issues in the back of their mind. Using an RFID bracelet is the best solution to this problem.
    Food and drinks available at the wave of your hand, what more could one ask for?
    By adding the payment information of guests to the RFID tags prior to the event, your attendees can make their purchases without carrying cash.
  3. Social Media Integrations
    As the host, you will definitely have access to the email-ids of your guests. On the integration of personal data with the RFID devices, you can make sure that your guests stay connected to their social media accounts. These devices make onsite engagement easier because your guests don’t have to pull out their phones each time. For example, your sponsors can sync photo booth with the email platforms and Instagram, giving your attendees the opportunity to post directly on their Instagram accounts or the image could be sent to them through email. Moreover, reviewing a particular vendor or product at a tradeshow gets a lot easier with an RFID bracelet!
  4. Aids Networking
    More often than not people go to events and conferences to grow their network. RFID devices can make the job simpler. Your guests won’t have to exchange visiting cards or write down phone numbers on notepads and tissues and ultimately lose them. For example, at music festivals, people who would like to stay in touch with each other post the event can click the heart-shaped button on their bracelet in unison and all social media profile details will be sent to each other. Likewise, conferences could use similar features in RFID bracelets. At the end of the day, the guests are sent the details of all the people they connected with, at the event.

RFID is an impressive technology and it will surely impress your guests with its versatility. Moreover, it does create a very cool fashion statement too, which is an added bonus. Your guests will definitely remember your event for a long time to come.

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