A hybrid & virtual event planner has the training and experience necessary to help organizations execute a flawless event that engages attendees and achieves event goals. When considering whether to host a hybrid or virtual event, consider the similarities and differences between the two types of events.

The Appeal of Virtual Events

Virtual events allow hundreds of people, from a wide geographic region, to connect simultaneously from any type of device. When supplemented with 3D applications, event participants can also interact with one another using voice and movements.

Today, companies are striving to create personalized experiences that connect individuals from various departments, levels, and professional backgrounds. Virtual events feature immersive spaces and interactive chats, allowing participants to have real-time conversations with one another.

Another benefit of virtual events is the elimination of prohibitive logistical and financial limitations on attendees, enabling companies to grow their audience beyond their home city or region.

Why Hybrid Events are the Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid events give attendees the ability to participate in conferences, workshops, and other activities both offline and online. This is achieved by streaming a live event or by configuring a virtual space that reflects the physical event. The main advantage of a hybrid event is that it blends the benefits of virtual and on-site events, giving attendees the best of both worlds.

Hybrid events allow for greater production quality, compared to standard virtual events. Event hosts and presenters may speak from a studio, which typically offers superior lighting and sound in a natural environment. By incorporating virtual elements (such as live video streaming and Q&A sessions) into an in-person event, companies can offer employees a range of options and ensure inclusivity within their businesses.


When Virtual is the Way to Go

Attendees may prefer a virtual event if:

  • They cannot or don’t want to travel.
  • The attendee’s organization offers limited travel reimbursement.
  • The venue has capacity limitations.

One way to determine which type of event is best is to send out a pre-event survey asking invitees to share their preferences. A hybrid & virtual event planner could also help determine whether the event should be virtual or hybrid.

Types of Hybrid Events

Companies can host a wide variety of hybrid events, such as sales kickoffs, global town halls, large team meetings, company spirit weeks, conferences, trade shows, customer conferences, and product demonstrations.

The Goals of a Hybrid Event

The overarching goal of all hybrid events is to engage as many attendees as possible. A hybrid event gives attendees the opportunity to connect with others in-person, if they would like a face-to-face experience, or to attend an event they otherwise would not have been able to attend.

A hybrid event gives attendees the flexibility to engage virtually or in-person, according to their preferences. The goal of hybrid events is to make the experience equally engaging for both groups. By eliminating the barrier to entry, hybrid events provide the opportunity for a wide range of attendees to interact with the host’s company, speakers, and attendees.

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