We understand that time is money. Our signature program, 5 P’s for Simple Event Management Success, streamlines and simplifies the planning and on-site and post-event processes. Our experienced logistics team will take care of the rest. CTC’s team has produced more than 1,500 events ranging in size from 100-10,000+ attendees across the nation. Utilizing this experience, we are known to discover new pathways to improve ROI and ROE.

Here are just a few of the solutions we provide:

  • Program Development & Logistics
  • Contract Negotiations & Vendor Management
  • Production Management
  • Streamlined process using state of the art technology, CVent and Passkey
  • On-Line & On-Site Registration Services
  • Trade Show & Exhibit Services
  • Post-Event Reports & Attendee Surveys
  • À la carte services

CTC will identify nearby hotels and help secure discounted rates for event attendees by reviewing the estimated total spend for:

  • Guest rooms
  • Food and beverage
  • Meeting rooms
  • Parking
  • Transportation costs
  • On-site bars and restaurants
  • Off-site events

Hotel Reservation Management

We manage the room block all the way through the event and complete a room audit to ensure that all your rooms are accounted for. We have executive level expertise in the hotel industry, allowing us to manage all aspects of hotel operations so that it saves you and your team time and money.

Event Stage Design

We design stages and event spaces that put the spotlight on your brand and sponsors. To understand your design aesthetic, we will ask questions about your brand and event goals, show you examples of stage designs, and inform you about all current trends and design options. We’ll send you 3D renderings or videos that show you the space from every angle with stage design options.

Conference & Event Services

Hosting corporate events can be complicated. Planning every event with sophistication and elegance is something we are best at. Why go for something good, when you can get the best?


Here are just a few of the solutions we provide.

  • Hotel Sourcing: Using our national partnerships and industry-leading sourcing software, we will streamline the search for a venue for your next event and make sure that we find the perfect fit. We provide detailed proposal analyses that compare apples to apples and ensure that the venue selected for your event will provide the greatest value. With decades of experience working with hotels and venues, we use our negotiating prowess to add even more value before signing on the dotted line, by arranging for high value concessions, discounts, and rebates.
  • Hotel Reservation Management: We manage the hotel room block until the day after the cut off date. We provide you a password so you can see what attendees have booked their room and how many rooms have booked in real time at any time! A concierge support line is provided to assist attendees with booking their reservations and answering basic conference questions. This gives you and your team time to focus on more important things.
  • Registration Support: The first experience the attendee has with your event is on-line and on-site registration. It sets the tone for the event. CTC can provide these registration services, which allows your team to focus on more important areas.
  • On-Site Assistance: We have your back. Our on-site experienced team will manage all the logistical needs while you do what you do best: taking care of your sponsors, VIPs, and attendees.
  • Speaker Management: Speakers often times are juggling many balls in the air, which means they require a lot of touch points to remind them to turn in their speaker agreements, headshots, bios, presentations, and more! When appropriate, they should be promoting your event through their social media channels, which means more seats filled.
  • Exhibitor Services: Exhibitors are a great additional revenue stream for your event. It’s important that they are well taken care of and they have a great experience from beginning to end at your event, so that they will return year after year.
  • Sponsorship Management: As with exhibitors, sponsors are a great revenue stream. Sponsors can potentially be exhibitors as well, if exhibiting is part of their sponsorship package.
  • On-Site Program Package: Take the guesswork out of your programming! There is a time for everything. We create an on-site program to maximize your attendee reach and event revenue.
  • Event App: Event apps have replaced printed programs. Not only does it save a lot of trees but an app is fluid, which means information can be added and/or changed at any time with no deadlines to adhere to. Apps include all event information including session descriptions, speaker information, event agendas, exhibit maps, and more! Apps can be used as a revenue stream for sponsorship opportunities. In addition, apps are a great way to engage your attendees through social media and gamification.
  • Attendee Event Surveys: An important statistic for your post-event report is how your attendees evaluate your event. Surveys are also a good measurement of rather you met your goals and objectives.
  • Post-Event Play Book: Why reinvent the event wheel? Our experienced team will create a detailed event playbook that will be your guide for your next event, saving you time and money.
  • Event Guidelines: Have all the manpower that you need to plan your next event, but think you might be leaving some money on the table? We can share detailed checklists and guidelines using information we have curated over the last 25 years to negotiate with venues and vendors, and to manage your event planning timeline to optimize the bottom line for your program.
  • Contract Consulting: Hotel and venue contracts are designed to protect the venue, not the buyer, and you would have to be a lawyer to fully understand all of the verbiage that goes into every clause. With decades of experience working with hotel contracts, we can guide you through the fine print before you sign, and make recommendations to help bring the balance back into your favor.
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