Virtual, hybrid, and in-person event planning for associations.

Host virtual association events to connect with industry professionals. Coast to Coast Conferences & Events helps industry associations hold virtual, hybrid, and in-person conferences, meetings, trade shows, and webinars across the U.S.

Our Approach to Event Planning

CTC has the tools and expertise necessary to plan an association event from start to finish.

1. Plan

We’ll ask about your objectives and goals for the event so that our scope of work is built around your needs.

2. Prepare

We will set up an easy-to-use communication process and develop a timeline so that you can track our progress.

3. Procure

Through our national partnerships and tenacious negotiations, we make sure no money is left on the table, which means you can end up saving 15% – 40%.

4. Produce

Our team will collaborate with you to develop a program that meets your goals and leaves your attendees wanting more.

5. Perform

We have your back. Our on-site experienced team will manage the logistics and take care of your marketing needs so you can focus on taking care of your sponsors, VIPs, and attendees.

6. Proof

The CTC team will gather insights from vendors and program statistics to create a program “playbook” designed to inform the planning process for your next event. Did you know not starting from scratch can help you save 20% in labor costs?


Event Planning Services

Depending on the type of event you’d like to host and your goals, CTC can offer the following event planning services.


CTC will help you set up a variety of registration options: general admission, early bird discounted pricing, special promotions, codes for registering presenters and sponsors, and different session tracks for attendees.

Technology Sourcing

It can be difficult to identify the right platform for your event, whether that is Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Accelevents, Intrado, Pathables, or Hopin. We have taken the time to pre-vet event live streaming services, virtual event platforms, and third party tools so you can take the guesswork out of the event planning process.

Exhibitor Management

Sponsor exhibitor booth features will depend on the level of sponsorship, but may include company banner and logo, live session opportunities, special offers, lead retrieval, and live chat with attendees (for virtual events).

Data Metrics

It’s important to identify metrics to accurately measure event outcomes. Corporate event organizers should decide which of the following metrics they will use to measure success:

  • Event attendance
  • Engagement rate
  • Accounts influenced
  • Session popularity and analytics
  • Net promoter score
  • Live polling response rate
  • Live webinar drop-off rate
  • Event app adoption rate
  • Attendee to sales qualified lead (SQL) conversion rate
  • Cost per attendee/customer acquisition
  • Email open and click-through rate (CTR)
  • Post-event surveys

Why Host A Virtual Association Event

Unlike in-person events, virtual events help lower event planning costs, maximize reach, and easily measure results. Other benefits of virtual events include:
  • Low entry barrier
  • Greater audience diversity
  • Easier to attend
  • Easy access to feedback
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Efficient budget
  • Reusable content
  • Data-driven insights
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