6 P's for Simple Event Management Success

Our Simple Planning Process Keeps Your Event On Track For Success!

1. Plan

It all starts here! We want to know what your objectives and goals are for your program so that our scope of work is built around your needs.

2. Prepare

This is where our preparation begins! We will set up an easy to use communication process and create a timeline for you so that you can monitor our progress.

3. Procure

The devil is in the details! We make sure no money is left on the table through our national partnerships and tenacious negotiations which can save you 15% - 40%.

4. Produce

This is where dreams are created! Our team will work with you to develop a program that succeeds your goals, makes your boss proud of you and leave your attendees wanting more.

5. Perform

It’s showtime! We have your back, our on-site experienced team will manage all the logistics and marketing needs while you do what you do best, taking care of your sponsors, VIP’s and attendees.

6. Proof

Just one more thing before you take some well deserved time off! We have now come 360 degrees back to the beginning to review our goals and objectives. From input from you and your team, attendees, the CTC team and vendors and all the program statistics, a program “play book” is created for you to begin the next planning process. Did you know not starting from scratch saves 20% in labor costs?