Virtual event planning for attorneys helps lawyers and other legal professionals maintain their licenses and certifications through Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and promotes networking within the legal community.

Though virtual and in-person events share similarities, there are important differences that require careful consideration. Event organizers need to understand how to properly prepare a law firm for a virtual legal event to ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

Adapt to the Digital Format

Regardless of the type of virtual event — whether it is a conference, trade show, or seminar — the content must be adapted for a digital audience. Effective virtual event planning for attorneys requires carefully curating sessions and scheduling them throughout the day with time for attendees to take breaks and connect with one another.

Virtual events attendees should also be given the freedom to choose which sessions they would like to attend according to their interests and availability. Adapt live panels and small group discussions to a digital format to offer a level of flexibility that will encourage active listening and participation from attendees.

Put Together a Team

To ensure successful virtual event planning for attorneys, consider putting together a team to handle the planning, execution, and optimization of the event. Take some time to gather insights and suggestions from legal industry experts, consultants, and a representative segment of the law firm’s lawyers and team members. Having a dedicated team of members able and ready to troubleshoot potential technological or logistical issues will help facilitate a smoother virtual event experience.


Select the Right Platform

With so many virtual event platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to select the right one. Take the time to test various options and consider each platform’s features, benefits, and costs, in addition to its level of ease of use, breadth of networking options, and adaptability on different devices.

A few important features to consider when searching for a virtual event platform include the ability to run multiple sessions at once, networking features, attendee messaging capabilities, and media and file sharing options.

We have taken the time to analyze over 120 virtual event platforms popular among law firms, and can deliver on whichever platform is chosen. However, we have also invested in a high quality platform that can help law firms save 40% on event planning costs.

Why Hire Coast to Coast Conferences & Events

As experienced event planners, we know that “the devil is in the details.” We also know that every law firm ultimately wants their audience and attendees to be inspired and walk away with work-ready skills, effective tools, and a sense of empowerment to take their newly acquired training or knowledge and apply it in the workplace.

We offer full spectrum virtual event planning for attorneys so that a law firm’s legal professionals can focus on enjoying the event, rather than dealing with surprise fees, last-minute changes, and technical emergencies. From start to finish, we are here to provide expert tips and tools to help firms execute a flawless virtual event.

What’s Next?

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