Hybrid events take place in both an in-person and virtual setting. This is done by broadcasting a conventional event online, through live streaming, webinar broadcasting, or by setting up a virtual space that mirrors the ongoing in-person event.

Benefits of Hybrid Events

Virtual extensions help event organizers catch attendees who would not have been able to attend the in-person event. The virtual aspect of hybrid events also captures passive attendees from close by or far away who don’t want to attend the in-person event and would rather watch or participate online.

Hybrid events don’t risk discouraging an in-person audience because they actually provide a more convenient mode of participation. By giving passive attendees a taste of your compelling content online, you boost their chances of attending the upcoming event in-person.

When considering an in-person event, don’t overlook the option of making it a hybrid event. Living in a technological era allows your business to pivot to what is in the now and continues to move towards the future.

There are many benefits to having a hybrid event, including you and your business to reach a greater audience from across the world. By adding a digital extension, you will actually lower the cost per attendee and help your audience save on travel costs, which could have been a deterrent from attending the event in person.

Before signing contracts, we recommend canvassing your attendees to find out who would prefer to attend online versus in-person. Due to costs, time, and COVID concerns we have found that 20% – 25% of attendees would prefer to attend online.

Hybrid Solutions

CTC hybrid services include setting up the event platform, event web page, event hub, main stage area, sponsorship package, exhibitor package, and lounge area; taking care of images and videos, gamification options, and music options; and facilitating breakout sessions, workshop sessions, and networking sessions. Additionally, CTC provides an online manager who is dedicated to overseeing the online portion of your hybrid event.


Hotel Sourcing

Negotiating with hotels is all about synchronized value – finding a balance between what they have that you want (occupied guest rooms, meeting space, and food and beverage revenue), and what you have that they want (dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of attendees).

CTC will help event organizers identify nearby hotels and secure discounted rates for event attendees by looking at the estimated total spend for:

  • Guest rooms
  • Food and beverage
  • Meeting rooms
  • Parking
  • Transportation costs
  • On-site bars and restaurants
  • Local attractions

Contract Negotiations

CTC will negotiate on your behalf with venues, virtual event platforms, vendors, and sponsors to secure a deal that will bring you the greatest benefit and serve your attendees’ needs.


CTC will help identify and set up the best registration options for your event, which may include general admission, early bird discounted pricing, special promotions, codes for registering presenters and sponsors, and different session tracks for differing types of attendees.

We can also provide registration data capture, event disclaimers, customizable email confirmation for those who register, and scheduled event reminders for attendees.

Logistics & Execution

CTC is experienced in many platforms, including Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Accelevents, Intrado, Pathables, and Hopin. With 200 virtual event platforms currently on the market and more being developed every day, we understand that it can be difficult to find the right platform for your event.

CTC will educate you on your options, help you choose the right platform, and then build and manage it. We work with pre-vetted event live streaming services, virtual event platforms, and third party tools to take the guesswork out of planning your next live event.

Attendee Engagement

Make your event exciting for attendees with our attendee engagement options. Our engagement services cover three main areas: Acknowledge (through icebreakers, opening questions, and check-in exercises), Connect (with small group discussions and connection exercises), and Synthesize (with polling, reports, and application or integration of content).

Options for attendee engagement include:

  • Polls: Survey your audience live through our polling software and receive immediate results that you can keep after the event.
  • Networking: Connect with other attendees around the world through 1 to 5 minute networking sessions. Take the time to ask questions, gain insights, and more!

  • Gamification: Whether your audience is made up of first-time virtual event attendees or experienced veterans, participating in virtual gamification allows your audience to get to know the platform and engage in a holistic manner with speakers, sponsors, and other attendees.

If you’re ready to plan your next hybrid event, reach out to Coast to Coast Conferences & Events to learn more about our hybrid services.

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