Virtual trade shows feature a dynamic environment built to resemble a physical show. With the help of an experienced virtual trade show planner, attendees will be able to interact with exhibitors and one another from the comfort of their home.

Why Host a Virtual Trade Show?

Virtual trade shows are generally easier to plan than in-person trade shows. They also eliminate the challenges of low audience turnout, limited reach, and high event planning costs. Unlike in-person trade shows, virtual events help organizations minimize costs while maximizing reach. Other benefits of virtual events include:

  • Easy access to event data
  • Low entry barrier
  • Increased audience diversity
  • Easier to attend
  • Access to honest feedback
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Efficient budget
  • Reusable content
  • Data-driven insights

Tips for Hosting a Successful Virtual Trade Show

If you are looking to host a virtual show for the first time, check out the following tips for enhancing the marketing and effectiveness of your online event.

  • Provide an ID number for each attendee to make it easy for them to request more information from exhibitors. This way, they won’t have to fill out forms at each virtual booth.
  • If you are hosting a virtual show to complement a live trade show event, match the virtual exhibition floor layout with the live tradeshow layout. Then, provide online maps of the show floor and link each booth on the map to the vendor's virtual booth information.
  • Let visitors search for virtual exhibitions by company name, booth number, or type of product.
  • Encourage each vendor to offer a "show special" that will be featured on their tradeshow page.
  • Consider offering a free drink coupon or a special souvenir of the trade show, only available with a coupon.
  • Provide vendors with multiple options to design their own virtual booth. A full booth might include a Front Page, a Back Wall, Right and Left Sides, and a page for specials. As an alternative, lower priced booths could include just a Front Page with a link to the vendor’s site.
  • Open links to vendors' company sites in a new window. That way attendees don’t leave the trade show.

Our Approach to Virtual Trade Shows

Coast to Coast Conferences has the tools, ability, and experience necessary to plan a tradeshow from start to finish. Depending on your event’s unique needs, CTC can offer the following services.

Registration: CTC will help hosts set up a variety of registration options for their virtual tradeshow:

  • General admission
  • Early bird discounted pricing
  • Special promotions
  • Codes for registering presenters and sponsors
  • Different session tracks for differing types of attendees

CTC can also provide registration data capture, event disclaimers, customizable email confirmation for those who register, and scheduled event reminders for those who register.

Technology Sourcing: CTC will guide hosts through the process of selecting the right virtual event platform, and then build and manage it. CTC has pre-vetted multiple event live streaming services, virtual event platforms, and third party tools to take the guesswork out of planning live events.

Take The First Step

Coast to Coast Conferences & Events knows how to bring people together with memorable virtual experiences that leave a lasting impression on your attendees. Ready to host your next virtual tradeshow? Contact the best virtual trade show planner to get a FREE 20-minute consultation!

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