Coast to Coast Conferences & Events provides a Virtual Event Depot package designed to ensure a successful event.

Event Site

The event site is customizable and will be built according to the unique needs of the event. The event site includes the event web page, where registration will take place, and the virtual event platform.

Event Web Page

The Event Web Page is where attendees will register for the event. CTC will create a custom banner, logo, event description, and tagline for the event. Each event will also have theme color codes.


Event Platform

The event platform is where the event will take place. We will build out the following elements:

  • Event banner
  • Welcome pop-up
  • Action image
  • Navigation menu
  • Chat window
  • Profile and notification icons

Lobby Area

The lobby area is the first area an attendee will see when logging into the event platform on event day. The lobby area will provide information about the event and feature the following items:
  • News feed
  • Agenda
  • FAQs

Main Stage

The Main Stage area is where the main sessions of the event will take place. The main stage can be accessed from the left-hand navigation menu and will have tabs placed below it that will provide session details, highlight the speakers, and feature sponsors. The stage may be viewed in full screen mode.

Additional Packages

There is generally more than one session, more than one speaker, and other options to consider making an event more engaging and interactive for attendees. We have designed several options to choose from to enhance your event.

  • Sessions Package. The sessions package offers a variety of sessions in different formats. This will ensure that we are offering the right type of session to meet the goals and objectives of the event. Session examples include additional main stage sessions, breakout sessions, workshop sessions, and networking sessions.
  • Sponsor Package. Sponsorship is very important at an event. This is true for in person events and for virtual events. There are many misunderstandings about the return on investment a sponsor can gain with their sponsorship in a virtual event, which is why our sponsor package includes elements designed to support the ROI on event sponsorship.
  • Exhibitor Package. An exhibit hall is a great selling point for sponsors and others wishing to take part in the event. We offer a very robust exhibitor package to add value to the event.
  • Lounges Package. Lounges are an open area where attendees can go at any time during the event to connect with others. They may be set up by topic, person, sponsor, or any other way relevant to the event.
  • Image & Video Package. Images needed to build the event in the Event Platform and on the Web Page can be purchased from our image package.
  • Gamification Package. Gamification is one of the leading ways to get attendees involved in an event and our package offers helpful tools and suggestions.
  • Music Package. The music package offers a wide variety of music that will enhance your event.

If you’re ready to begin planning your next virtual event, give Coast to Coast Conferences & Events a call to learn more about our Virtual Event Depot package and to get started!

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