Coast to Coast Conferences & Events

Coast to Coast Conferences & Events was founded 1994 and has become an industry leader in strategic conference planning, innovative event technologies, and strategic meeting management. Coast to Coast Conference & Events offer comprehensive, end-to-end planning services for conferences and events of all sizes both at home and across the nation. We are the experienced business partner you can rely on to produce a creative, organized conference or event that runs smoothly from start to finish.

Our Mission

Our company & brand is distinguished by our disciplined approach to conference and event management. We utilize best-in-class company-wide systems, processes, procedures and activities to meet/exceed our clients goals and objectives and provide quantitative savings, risk mitigation and outstanding service quality.

Our vision

We strive to be seen as leaders and innovators in the conference & event management industry. We surpass the expectations of our clients with our strong dedication to producing and managing outstanding programs. We gain the trust and respect of our clients, and our staff by never compromising our values.


We bring many years of collective experience in the hotel and event planning industries. The diverse background of our staff allows us to offer a unique combination of professional services to our clients.

Over the course of 1,500 events, we have learned every trick in the book to make your event a success. We have all the tools you need to create successful meetings, conferences, trade shows, fundraisers, sporting events, team building and other activities.


These Core Values serve to guide us and we to vow to teach them to others. These values provide us with a map to guide our growth and keep us moving towards our future vision.

  • Excellence – Always striving to exceed your expectations
  • Consistency – We deliver consistent value through our 6 p’s to simple event success program
  • Attention to Detail – We maximize your revenue and decrease your expenses by scrutinizing every detail and being your champion at the negotiating table
  • Appreciation – We want you to be so happy about your event outcome that you can’t stop telling others about us
  • Integrity – We have a proven track record of openness, honesty and reliability with our clients and partners so we can build your program on a foundation of trust