As with exhibitors, sponsors are a great revenue stream. If planned properly, virtual and hybrid events are great opportunities for sponsors and organizations to collaborate. CTC Conferences & Events offers a range of sponsorship services to help event hosts and sponsors get the most out of every event.

We can suggest ways to incorporate your sponsors’ branding and logos on the virtual stage, or even help sponsors engage with the event’s audience, depending on the platform. We can also help hosts brainstorm virtual event sponsorship ideas.

First Step: Figuring Out What The Audience Wants

It’s important to prioritize what the audience really needs. For example, the audience will quickly become irritated by relentless pop-up chats or ads that follow them around. This will hurt sponsors’ efforts and leave a poor impression.

Instead, focus on providing valuable information that will be a benefit to both the audience and the sponsor, and be sure to present it through an engaging experience.


Pre-Event Sponsor Opportunities

Pre-event sponsorship opportunities can be very valuable for both brands and organizations. Consider the following options:

  • Feature a sponsor blog post on the event registration page.
  • Include the sponsors’ logos and messaging in all email communications and on social media channels — across posts and social media banner branding.
  • Give sponsors the opportunity to offer free demos or services to your registrants in the weeks or months leading up to the virtual event. This will give the audience a chance to try out their service with a trial and be prepared with questions to ask the sponsors during the event.
  • If you collect addresses for registration, ship sponsors’ swag in advance as a fun surprise right before the event.
  • Send a Digital Event Bag to share all sponsorship content and important event links. Then, grant your sponsors access to see which attendees clicked on their materials, and how they interacted with their content.
  • If eating lunch together in person isn’t an option, consider delivering lunch or snacks ahead of the virtual event.

Sponsor Opportunities During The Event

Here are a few strategic ways to incorporate sponsors into a virtual event.

  • Offer branding opportunities during keynotes, breakouts, networking spaces, and on registration pages. This can include logos, “wallpaper” background graphics, or branding on the holding slide or video displayed before the session begins.
  • Add environmental branding, such as a sponsor’s logo on a speaker’s laptop cover or as a prop in the studio while filming.
  • Give sponsors the opportunity to moderate a panel or breakout session. The sponsor can provide a session moderator, Q&A moderators, and polling questions. This opportunity is especially valuable because the sponsor will receive valuable data about attendees. Some high-end virtual event platforms also track attendee interactions and behavior.

Post-Event Sponsor Opportunities

Once the event is recorded, edited, and available on-demand, include short “bumper videos” promoting sponsors before the event content plays. Bumper videos are similar to short ads shown before YouTube videos.

What’s Next?

CTC Conferences & Events offers a range of sponsorship services to help organizations plan an event that will attract and benefit sponsors. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation!

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