The Full Spectrum of Virtual Event Planning Services

Coast to Coast Conferences & Events knows how to bring people together with memorable virtual experiences that leave a lasting impression on your attendees. Hosting a live virtual event does not have to feel distant for your remote attendees. We can guide you through the entire production process as your complete virtual event product team. We manage all of the behind-the-scenes details, handle the live production, and can help you pick the right platform for your event.

Setting Up Face-to-Face Virtual Networking at Your Next Conference?

We are experienced in successfully adding exciting, virtual networking events to corporate conferences. Attendees can virtually sit at tables, chat at vendor booths, and even meet up with other attendees virtually. We even help pick the right virtual event platform that would meet your virtual live event’s needs.

Completely Transition Your In-Person Events to Virtual

We understand transitioning an in-person event to virtual can be overwhelming. As certified virtual event specialists, our team knows what it takes to help you succeed and is here to help. Our virtual event planning services include:

Exhibitor Management/Sponsor. We know how important exhibitors/sponsors are to your event. A CTC team member will be assigned to your exhibitors/sponsors to help them build their booths and train their representatives to maximize lead generation. We can also build their booth for them!

Online/Platform Manager. A dedicated Online/Platform Manager will be assigned to your event to build and manage the platform to create a customized branded site.

Strategy and Consulting. If you’d like some pointers on how best to set up your event, we’re happy to share best practices and principles we follow when planning an event from start to finish.

Event Programming. CTC will set up the event platform, event web page, event hub, and main stage area; facilitate breakout sessions, workshop sessions, and networking sessions; and offers sponsorship packages, exhibitor packages, a lounge area, images and videos, gamification options, and music options.

Speaker Management. CTC will help prepare speakers and moderators with best practices for presenters, guidelines for engaging attendees, speaker training and prep, tech checks, pre-recordings and rehearsals, moderator and emcee guidelines, and training.

Technology Sourcing. CTC has experience hosting events across many platforms, including Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Accelevents, Intrado, Pathables, and Hopin. With over 200 platforms — and more being developed every day — CTC will help you choose the right one, and then build and manage it. We work with pre-vetted event live streaming services, virtual event platforms, and third party tools to take the guesswork out of planning your next live event.

Attendee Engagement. CTC uses the following methods to foster engagement for virtual events:

  • Acknowledge: Icebreakers, opening questions, full group engagements or check-in exercise
  • Connect: Small group discussions, connection exercises, interactive activities
  • Synthesize: Polling, reports, application or integration of content

This framework has differentiated CTC and its services from other virtual event planners in the industry.

Event Timeline. CTC will analyze the needs of your event and create a report detailing the roles and responsibilities necessary for successful implementation.

Data Metrics. Want to know who attended, from where, and for how long? CTC will source the data you need to inform future event planning and support your organization’s engagement goals.

Hybrid Solutions. If you’d like to host an event with virtual and in-person elements, we’d be happy to do the heavy lifting and take the guesswork out of the equation. We have the tools and tech solutions you need to host a flawless event.

Virtually Engage with Your Attendees More Effectively.

As a thought leader in the virtual event space, Michelle and her team have helped hundreds of brands and businesses pivot their in-person event to virtual. Ready to take your next live event virtual? Contact our team today to get a FREE 20-minute consultation!

We include comprehensive in-person services.

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