Organizing an event successfully and sustainably can be a rewarding as well as challenging task. Now talking about sustainability, what does it actually mean? In common, an event which is eco-friendly can be classified as a sustainable event. If you can manage something in favor of the environment during your event, it will be much appreciated. Some of the tips which can be adopted by the event organizers to host sustainable events are listed:

  1. Educate your team: Enlighten your team members about the type of event you are planning to host. Make them aware of the various aspects of sustainable events. Stick on to the ecological, economic and social aspects of sustainability. Make it a priority to establish at least two aspects of sustainability in your events. Knowing what they are doing will automatically hike the productivity of your team dramatically as they feel a sense of acceptance.
  2. Begin With The Food: Order organic food. Serving organic food which is cultivated organically without using human-made chemical fertilizers and pesticides will provide an additional sustainable appeal to the event. Approval from the ‘Soil Association’ is a trusted meter for the authenticity of the organic food. Delighting the attendees of your event with fresh and tasty food is one of the best ways to make your event the best.
  3. Paper Free Event: Spreading out the sustainability message and flooding the venue with papers is a paradox. Minimize the use of papers. Rely on online methods which will save you a lot of time and expense. This will help to spread the message, ‘Go Green’,  better. Also, online tools are much faster and easily available these days. It can be circulated efficiently and effectively. So go digital and be sustainable.
  4. Hire local providers: Hiring the providers nearby will bring us fresh products as the traveling is fast and convenient. Involving the locals will mark your event more sustainable. Also opting for the locally grown food and available stationary will provide an additional income to the locals. This will be much cost effective too. This is all about economic sustainability.
  5. Use LED lights: By using LED lights for illumination you can save a lot of money and power. The once expensive LED bulbs have become affordable recently. So using them is a sustainable way to light up the event. This will bring down the wastes too as LED bulbs emit much less heat compared to other sources of lights. So light up your events in a sustainable way.
  6. Select a green certified venue: Make it a point to plan your venue at a green certified location, where it will provide access to more sustainable materials. Green certified locations obey certain norms which makes it an eco-friendly location to choose. For example, a LEED certified location can be the best choice. These places always provide a positive energy to work with. Sustainability of the location matters.
  7. Use bins: Use the bins and mention clearly what should go in each. This will help to manage the wastes efficiently after the event. Placing closed bins will make people think twice before throwing something into the bins. Don’t confuse people with long instructions, make it short and precise.

Hosting a fantastic AND sustainable event is a much-appreciated endeavor to work upon. Following the GREEN concept and making sure that the details of the event is in accordance with the ecological, economic and social aspects of sustainability. Doing something in favor of nature will bring us the happiness of sustainability.

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