Planning to set up a trade show booth? With 25 years of experience putting on events across the country, we can help you with that. The best set up for your booth will vary according to the products you want to display. Your booth should create brand awareness among the attendees, so that your product or service stands out on the exhibit floor. Sort out all the challenges you may face and come up with a foolproof design. Let us go through some ideas which will bring out the best possible display ideas without costing you a fortune.

  1. Booth Design

The first thing people notice is the booth itself. Let the design itself speak to the attendees. Create trade show booths in such a way that it piques their interest, using 3D designs is a creative way. Choose an experienced designer and inform the booth designer what you intend to display or the message you want to send out. Make sure that your most prominent design elements speak directly to the needs or pain points of the attendees.

  1. Use Accessories

Remember we are trying to build the best trade show booths on a reasonable budget, so choose items that will make the maximum impact for the lowest cost. The accessories which will add color to your booth. Own a tablecloth with the logo of your brand imprinted on it, they are not outrageously expensive to have made, and you can reuse them for many tradeshows and events. Promotional inflatables will bring about a party feeling which will draw attention. Make sure that inflatables are allowed in the said event venue. Coordinating a dress code for the team can be a boost to brand awareness and is the easy and economical way to create a cohesive look to your booth. Using these ideas can create a professional and visually appealing booth that doesn’t break the bank.

  1. Trade Show Games

Games lift the spirits of kids of all ages! Organize fun but low cost games which will draw attention to your booth. Attendees can try their skills, and “win” any branded promotional material you were planning on giving out. Have them take a quiz created around their pain points and what you have to offer. Don’t give out promotional items without getting a name and email address. Games which can be related to the brands theme can be included to induce brand awareness into the participants as well. Doing a little research on the trending games and linking it to your brands identity for the greatest impact.

  1. Captivating Backdrops

Mark your area with amazing backdrops that define your purpose. If the walls are not available, go for roll ups, pipe-and-drape walls or other similar display techniques. Like the branded tablecloth, this will have a higher up-front cost, but can be reused many times to increase its value and will give an additional head turning appeal to your booth. Also setting up a plexiglass holder to display the pamphlets or brochures which are to be distributed and using sleek 8×10 frames to display promotional material or pricing sheets add to a more polished look. People are attracted to sophisticated designs.

  1. Functioning Design

Once the plan is ready to make sure that it is implemented with perfection. Your trade show booth should be designed in such a way that it takes advantage of the flow of traffic in the expo hall and draws attendees to your booth. Later on certain extras can be added on, like storage, additional decor, etc. Spend more of your budget on elements that will provide the most impact and invest in and plan for a foolproof design.

  1. Reduce and Reuse

Invest in articles which will help you in the future, which can be reused time and time again. This will in turn reduce the amount you spend for the trade booth shows in future years as well. Selecting materials which can be reconfigured according to the specific booth specifications for any event will be immeasurably helpful, since expo floors are never “one size fits all.” Flexibility is key, so hold your urge to add a date onto any branding article. This will make it useful even in the future. Be clever enough to invest in unique and relevant technologies.

Setting up a trade show booth can be a risky business at times as trends change in the blink of an eye. Keep up to date on trends in your field and use them to your advantage. Referring to websites of event management companies who have already a grasp on the matter also helps. Now, tighten your laces and be ready to set up your best-ever trade show booth!

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