When events go international, the planning gets a little more complicated. With borders, time zones, the difference in businesses and culture and language barriers as well, organizing an overseas conference or international meeting becomes daunting. It requires a whole lot of meticulous planning and coordination and most importantly a devout team to pull off a successful overseas event.

Planning an event across the border?  Here are tips from the experts at leading conference management companies that can help you plan and host a hassle-free overseas event!

Give yourself time to plan

Ideally, you should give yourself 8-14 months time to do your homework because events abroad require very careful planning and more lead time. Identifying the scope of the event and your requirements are essential during the period.

Listing out your prerequisites or even better using a checklist with all your big and small requirements listed out, will surely cut you some slack.

Seeing is believing

It is ok to look up hotels on the internet that you think might meet international standards and fit your budget, as well. But don’t fall for the pictures and promises they offer online. Go and inspect the site for yourself before you book the place! The best venue management service professionals suggest that the only way you can identify opportunities and potential problems the place offers is by going down there and running a thorough check.

The tasting trial

Guests often look forward to a good meal after a tiring day of meeting sessions and brainstorming. So, make sure you put together a menu of scrumptious food even if it isn’t a big fancy one. Your guests will be grateful! Ask your venue manager to organize a tasting trial, so you could include local delicacies and ensure the food suits your guest profile.

Talk to your vendors and suppliers

You need to have the right team in place and all your supplies at hand. It is essential that you communicate with your team and ensure that all your supplies are onsite on time. Don’t wait to gather the things you require from the location because you may not really find what you need or it may exceed your budget. Instead, have your team of vendors and suppliers stay close to your venue to track and coordinate the event better.


Travel plans have to be thought through, way earlier than most of the other aspects of the event. Since you’ve got to book airline tickets, the earlier the better. Certain airline companies offer amazing deals on group travel, consider them before you book ‘em up. When it comes to transporting the supplies, big trailers or trucks should do.

Go local on the entertainment

Too much of business talk gets your guests bored easily. To lighten the mood and give your audience a break, arrange for a local form of entertainment rather than flying your team across.


Since the event is overseas, double the security measures. Hire a local security unit if you like, but the safety of your attendees must be your biggest priority!

Be prepared for contingencies. No matter how well you plan, things are bound to go wrong, sometimes. So to stay on top of things, contact a few local vendors and suppliers you could use as a backup. Furthermore, store the local emergency numbers on speed dial!

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