Partnering for Success in the Event Planning Industry

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The event industry is growing rapidly and ever changing, but the old adage “there is power in numbers” still rings true in our industry today. Throughout my many years, in both the hotel and event industries, it has concerned me that many of the independent planners/companies that I’ve met along the way have closed their doors almost as quickly as they opened them.

Then, I had a REVELATION!

To succeed as an independent event planner there are 3 strong skill sets that are essential to being successful;

  • Sound Business Infrastructure– it is essential to establish and protect your company and your clients through relevant business licenses and insurance, legal contracts, workers compensation, bonding, and… the list goes on. It’s simply not affordable for most.
  • Great at Sales– the pipeline constantly needs to be refilled with new business opportunities. While you are busy working on an event who is selling your services? When you finally come up for air, your pipeline is empty!
  • Great at Execution– execution takes an analytical mindset and attention to detail. The “devil is in the details” couldn’t be more true!

But these 3 skill sets are not always compatible with each other. It can be too expensive for contractors and small companies to build the infrastructure needed. Sales folks often want to close the deal and go on to the next sale. And the people great at execution often don’t have the sales skills and patience to spend months courting potential clients.

So, I decided to find an innovative solution that works for everyone.

At CTC, we have the sound business infrastructure, an experienced executive level team, and the resources needed to succeed in this world. And we want you to partner with us!

Perhaps you’re looking for more work while you grow your own business or perhaps you don’t want the stress of becoming a small business owner and want to work as a contractor on projects that fit your skill set. Either way, we’re happy to have you.

  • Referral Partners–  this is for folks that come across a company or organization that is in need of event planning services. All that is needed from you is an introduction and the CTC team will take it from there. When the referral signs on the dotted line, CTC will send you a check for the referral. Easy money!
  • Business Development Managers– these are folks that want to earn a living in the industry selling events and/or housing services. We will invest time in you to teach you our business and we’ll be your support system. You can choose to sell a service and turn it over to the CTC planning team to manage or you can sell a service and manage it yourself using CTC’s technologies and systems. BDM’s will be paid a commission fee.
  • Contract Event Planners– these folks are experienced event planners that can manage an entire project or work as a team. As we have new projects come up, we will reach out with opportunities that match your skills and interests. CEP’s will be paid a flat fee per project.

But wait, there’s more! We believe in giving back and in doing so, we offer our partners a number of benefits outside of those identified above. Of course, you’ll be welcomed as part of the extended CTC team and able to work from our awesome office in Downtown Long Beach any time you want. Based on the group’s interests, we provide training sessions to help our Partners continue to grow in their career. And because we don’t like to be all work and no play, we embrace a monthly Friday Fun Day where wedress down and enjoy snacks and wine in the office in the afternoon while wrapping up the week and preparing to hit the ground running on Monday.

Your job is your choice. Come join the team. We’re waiting for you!

Interested in Partnering with CTC? Send the role you’re interested in, your resume, and ashort description of why you’re perfect for the role

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