Hosting conferences is tricky and finding the ideal location to host one, is trickier. No matter how large or small the group, your reputation is at stake while organizing and hosting a destination event.  Conference planning and management get complicated when you’ve got to juggle with the vendors, inviting the best speakers, picking interesting menus, arranging the transport facilities and also setting up the destination to suit your needs.

But in the process, let’s not forget that your event is not about the grandeur of your venue but more about what unique experience it has to offer to your attendees.  The destination you pick must compliment your event theme because it is where your guests will be holed up most of the time. But, you have got to keep in mind that they need free time to socialize too!

Taking note of these little details, here are the top 5 conference destination trends to help you choose the perfect location-

  1. Pre-event surveys – Unlike post-event surveys, that ask your invitees how your event went, ask them what they actually want from your event. Event organizers send out questionnaires much before they even create a blueprint for the event. This survey can help you identify what your guests really want from you. Do they mind traveling between the event destination and place of stay? Would they like a sight-seeing session or just free time to socialize? What are their food preferences( You give them options!) etc. With a clear picture of what your guests have in mind, you can easily strike out the locations that don’t fit, leaving you with a few ideal ones to choose from!
  2. Is it the best fit- Some event organizers rely on the reputation of the hotel alone. But events don’t work like that anymore. So before you pick a destination, ask yourself, is it the best fit? Your guests expect a lot more than being holed up at the convention center or the hotel all day long.  Taking event planning up a notch, event and venue management persons now suggest choosing an affordable location that suits the needs of your guests over popular cities that simply don’t fit you!
  3. What does the destination offer – Once you have shortlisted your favorite few, you could begin by listing out what each of the locations has to offer. Choose local restaurants and cultural entertainments over high-end dining options.  This rising trend in event planning not only helps your guests loosen up and socialize but also goes easy on your budget! If there’s anything a location offers, that isn’t found anywhere else, that’s a brownie point!
  4. Better location infrastructure – Before now, venue managers would make do with available infrastructure facilities but now this norm is being replaced by making things happen! Most hosts today like to create a lasting impression on their guests and what better way to impress your team than with infrastructure that leaves them in awe! Venue management companies today make use of temporary setups along with the location infrastructure, that work well with their event and doesn’t cost much either.
  5. Going green – There are several cities that are taking their environment very seriously. They make it a point to extend this awareness even in the meetings and conferences they host.  Green events are in. The question is, are you game?

Your company is relying on you to pull off a successful event and you need an experienced partner who can handle the details. We can help you!

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