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Michelle on-site with ASDA

Michelle with Kerrie & Nancy from ASDA on-site at the Disneyland hotel

Boots on the Ground, Literally!

Coast to Coast had the fantastic opportunity to partner with the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) for the 2018 Annual Session in Anaheim last week. ASDA needed an on-site Conference Manager to ensure the conference ran smoothly, as well as a mentor for some of their newer team members during their first on-site event. Michelle, our CEO, has a passion for education and mentoring new event planners, so she was delighted to take on the task personally. You won’t get that kind of personal service from a CEO everyday! The Executive Director of ASDA had glowing praise for Michelle and her contribution to the success of the event.

“Thank you for your assistance at the ASDA Annual Session.  The success of the event can be attributed to your onsite leadership.  You definitely exceeded my expectations in managing the meeting and mentoring Kerri. ”– Nancy Honeycutt, Executive Director, ASDA

Finding the missing piece of the puzzle

Even though we specialize in start to finish conference planning, we also are happy to help you fill in the blanks if your event is only missing a few key elements. Give us a call at 562-980-7566, or use the link below to send us an email, and we’ll find the right a la carte options to fit your budget. Coast to Coast Conferences & Events brings you strategic, cost-efficient, end-to-end event and conference planning, offering the latest in innovative event technologies, detailed logistics management, destination services, and hotel housing solutions. We always get the job done and we always do it right; reach out today if you’d like to know more:


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