What To Ask When Selecting An Event Planner- Part 4

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Do you think that a Conference or Event Planner is a luxury?  Think again!  Did you know that if the planner is any good they should deliver cost savings that are enough to pay their management fee plus some?  You don’t know what you don’t know until you ask! Or, until someone that cares about the success of your next Conference or Event tells you!

Each week for the next 7 weeks, we’ll share the Top Seven questions to ask to get more of what you want out of future meetings, events, and conferences:


4. Does Your Corporate Event Planner offer Reporting and Post-Evaluation detailed reports?
Reporting is essential to track reservations, registrations and expenses throughout the planning process. Some Corporate Event Planners offer integrated reporting tools to keep you up-to-date on all of the important numbers that contribute to the success of your conference, meeting or event. These reporting tools will give you visibility into every aspect of your event planning to keep you on schedule, on budget and in control.

Additionally, the post-analysis of your Conference is important. Did the attendees find your event to be enjoyable? Was the food to their liking? Did the keynote drone on for too long with no valuable insights? How were the off-site activities? It is just as important for your planner to provide you with the detailed reports like ROI as it is an accurate proposal and ROO Return on objectives, did you meet your goals. You want to measure the success of your conference and improve upon it for the next year.

Once you get into the mind of your attendees, you can determine all the elements of your event that were appreciated, additional items that you can include in a future event and other items that can be excluded because they are not perceived as additional value. Furthermore, via post-evaluation reporting, you can determine what the audience expected and how much the event you organized reached their expectations. All of this feedback and input can lead to the creation of a much greater event in the future as well as support building year over year event successes. All in all, post-evaluation is a quite underestimated tool in the world of conferences and events that can lead to great success when used wisely.

Strongly consider a multi-year contract with your Event Planner as in any relationship the first year is a courtship learning about each other. Your relationship the first year is courtship learning about each other. The relationship between Corporate Event Planners and their clients will continue to grow each year which will directly corroborate with the continued success and building of your program. If they are a competent and confident they will provide a multi-year contract with a 60-day opt out with no penalty – be sure to ask for this in your contract!


We’ll share the next question in the series next week, so stay tuned! Coast to Coast Conferences & Events brings you strategic, cost-efficient, end-to-end event and conference planning, offering the latest in innovative event technologies, detailed logistics management, destination services, and hotel housing solutions. We always get the job done and we always do it right; reach out today if you’d like to know more:


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