Creativity, meticulous attention to detail, personalized service and deep knowledge of resources and contacts are the keys to event planning success…and technology is the base that supports the process.

Technology can help you streamline the planning process while saving you time and money.  Coast to Coast utilizes the latest technology to supplement the planning process and enhance the experience for your guests.

On-Line Registration Sites

We develop and manage user friendly on-line registration sites that feature event registration information with easy-to-navigate tools that links to your event website.

conference & meeting management

The registration site can be easily linked to your event website. We give you full visibility to your registration activities by providing a password so you can monitor the activity in the registration site in real time.

Marketing Campaigns & Mobile Conference Apps

Coast to Coast can manage marketing and communication campaigns for your events in order to fill your event with the desired attendees.

Mobile Conference Apps

Picture 2From revenue generation via sponsor advertisements to agenda management and networking capabilities, mobile apps are an essential tool for successful events. These engaging applications put the most current, timely information in your guests’ hands in an instant and offer increased visibility for event sponsors.

In addition, you can save time and money by omitting or reducing the amount of printed program guides and agendas by posting these items through your event app.

Coast to Coast will help you determine the best fit for your needs and build-out an appropriate marketing plan to drive attendee adoption of the mobile app.Then we will get to work on providing all of the information your guests need in order to garner the most benefits from your conference or meeting.

Staying connected to your audience/attendees

The development of a mobile app for communicating event details and accessing on-line registration is part of the service we provide.  Include that it reduces cost and is green as an app eliminates the need for printed programs.  This needs to be expanded.

  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Virtual Maps
  • Daily Alerts & Promotions
  • Instant updates to attendees.  Saving meeting planners time
  • Convenience for attendees to have all their information in one place and it goes everywhere they go.
  • Keeping up with industry trends
  • Capture marketing statistics / reporting features
  • Staying connected to your audience/attendees

Social Media Marketing

Technology SolutionsSocial Media generates buzz and guides potential guests to sign-up for the event by linking them directly to the registration page on the event website.

We can assist you with your social media campaigns by utilizing several different resources.  

  • Email blasts
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Social Media Applications can be provided such as…

  • On-Site Visual Display Walls – Photos, Twitter, Video
  • On-Site Challenge Bars
  • On-site Digital Passport and Virtual Totebag

Housing Management

When your guests are staying on-site for your event, it is crucial to provide a user-friendly and efficient housing process. Beginning with contract negotiations, an experienced, dedicated Account Manager from our team will manage your room inventory, concessions and all amenities from start to finish.

Technology SolutionsYour dedicated Account Manager will oversee:

  • Site Selection & Contract Negotiations
  • Contract Management
  • User-Friendly Reservation Process
  • In-house Call Center and Customer Care Ambassadors
  • Room Block and Master List Management
  • Attrition and Room Audit Management
  • Rate Integrity Audits
  • Concession Management
  • On-site Services
  • Comprehensive Statistical Reports & At-A-Glance Charts & Graphs

We also offer Passkey/GroupMax, an industry-leading, State-of-the-Art Integrated Technology Reservation System.

Online Event Housing Tools for a Successful Event:

At Coast to Coast Conference & Event Solutions, we are committed to the success of your event and are delighted to offer our meeting planners a set of online tools that will make your event housing simple, seamless and stress-free.

Integrated Reporting

Tech SolutionsReporting is essential to track reservations, registrations and expenses throughout the planning process. Our integrated reporting tool will keep you up-to-date on all of the important numbers that contribute to the success of your conference, meeting or event.  This tool will give you visibility into every aspect of your event planning to keep you on schedule, on budget and in control.